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Innovative solutions for hotels

Hotels are multi-functional buildings, not only providing rooms for guests, but also giving dining,  socializing opportunities, office spaces up to wellness areas. The design of these areas has to be done separately to meet their specific needs, but also as a part of a general concept providing a unique indoor climate experience to all guests.  Our solutions provide the best basis for indoor comfort, combined with the most efficient use of energy. Hotels consume huge amounts of energy to provide a comfortable indoor climate for their guests and employees. When it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency, radiant heating and cooling is the optimal solution.

Uponor radiant heating and cooling is an invisible and silent way of providing optimized comfort for living and working environments. It provides a building integrated method to heat or cool the designed space, enhancing architectural freedom by eliminating obtrusive and disturbing appliances. This natural way of heating and/or cooling eliminates draught and noise risks, air and dust movement and can be incorporated in any kind of surface; whether this is a floor, wall or a ceiling.

Uponor tap water solutions provide clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing that fulfil highest hygienic standards and that supply a high degree of both security and flexibility in installation, saving time and preventing problems from arising during use.

Uponor offers a riser system that creates a complete solution for large scale hygienic safe tap water installations and can be used as well for the supply and return pipelines for radiant heating systems. All system components are available for an entire plumbing installation from the boiler to the tap.

Uponor high quality solutions for multi-functional buildings like hotels, enhanced with specialized engineering support, are designed to add value and flexibility to your hotel project. This support covers all stages of a construction project, from concept stage, through to the building in operation.

    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Low temperature heating and cooling systems for highest energy efficiency and optimized thermal comfort
      • Design and engineering support from concept to completion, including commissioning assistance
      • Low maintenance costs and reduced life cycle costs, utilizing an energy efficient technology
      • Certified systems and insurance backed warranty
      • Our systems help the building achieve a green building certification like LEED, BREEAM, DGNB

      Multifunctional buildings like hotels need flexible and effective energy solutions to reduce costs during the lifetime of the building. With the use of renewable energy sources for water based heating and cooling systems, energy efficiency and environmental impact can be significantly decreased. Furthermore, with innovative plumbing and infrastructure solutions, the environmental impact of the building can be further decreased.

      With the expertise and engineering service from Uponor, planning and installation will supported through the whole process by Uponor experts.

    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Invisible installation, enabling full architectural and interior design freedom
      • Certified and silent systems, insurance backed warranty
      • Our systems are ideal for utilizing renewable energy sources and optimizing the efficiency of heat pumps
      • Low maintenance costs and reduced life cycle costs, utilizing a long lasting, energy efficient technology
      • Engineering support from concept to completion, including commissioning assistance

      Uponor offers an optimized and comfortable environment for multipurpose buildings like hotels. High quality and reliable plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure solutions, adapted to the function of the designated area.

    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Fast, simple and reliable installation ensuring high construction efficiency
      • Support during engineering, installation and commissioning
      • Certified systems and insurance backed warranty
      • Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling systems, ideal for utilizing renewable energy sources and optimizing the efficiency of heat pumps

      Whether you are using the Uponor systems for plumbing or radiant heating and cooling, with Uponor you have  complete and safe systems, which include everything you may need for a fast and safe installation. We provide also onsite support if needed.