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Energy savings with Uponor industrial underfloor heating systems

The Uponor industrial underfloor heating is cost efficient because the entire system can be operated at low temperature levels and thus capitalises on the bottom line. Heat losses at the point of heat generation and distribution can be minimised. Ground energy and the possibility to use existing thermal energy, e. g. from production processes, can additionally decrease energy expenses.

The great advantage of the Uponor industrial underfloor heating systems is that they do not influence the static calculation. Thus the system can be built directly into the concrete floor slab.

In addition Uponor plumbing systems provide you with a high degree of both security and flexibility in installation, saving time and preventing problems from arising during use. Uponor tap water installation can be carried out for toilets, washing and shower rooms as well as kitchens. Together with the modular riser system we can ensure to provide you with everything needed from one source, from the water source up to the last tap .

For industrial buildings we offer also a system for compressed air. It creates the conditions that air with the necessary pressure and minimal losses arrive at the working station - for maximum productivity.
    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Our experts are there to support you during design, engineering and installation
      • Our systems are the best choice for highest construction efficiency and comfort
      • Our systems are fast and simple to install with very few system components

        With Uponor you have complete systems which include everything you may need for a fast and safe installation.

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    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Our energy efficient heating and cooling systems will last the life of the building
      • Our systems can be used with renewable energy sources
      • Our systems have low maintenance costs
      • Our systems are silent while keeping temperature at a constant level
      • Our systems come with a 10 year warranty

        With Uponor solutions you can create a comfortable environment in industrial and retail buildings. We provide engineering expertise to find the most sustainable solution for your industrial building.
    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Our systems support energy-efficient heating and cooling through the use of renewable energy sources
      • Our experts are there to support you during design, engineering and installation
      • Our systems require low maintenance and reduced life cycle costs
      • Our systems help the building achieve a green building certification like LEED, BREEAM or DGNB

        Industrial buildings need effective energy solutions to reduce costs during building and on the long run over the entire life cycle. With the use of renewable energy sources for water based heating and cooling systems, embedded in the concrete slab, you can increase the working efficiency. With the expertise and engineering service from Uponor, planning and installation will be easily done.

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Industrial building

Chatterley Valley in North Staffordshire, UK

One of the world’s greenest business and logistics parks

The pioneering new project called Blue Planet Chatterley Valley at Stoke-on-Trent hosts ultra-green sustainability credentials for the 385,000sq ft warehousing facility. Built by Main Contractor McLaren Construction, the Uponor industrial heating system was incorporated directly into the ground for 27,000m² bearing slab in conjunction with a laser screed machine. Daily production of up to 1,800m² of completed floor was achieved. Please read more about how Uponor created peace of mind for the client.