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Sustainable heating systems for a healthy and productive indoor environment

Uponor systems are the most complete and secure system choice for your underfloor heating, cooling, and plumbing installation. They provide you with a high degree of both security and flexibility in installation, saving time and preventing problems from arising during use.

Radiant heating and cooling is a comfortable, quiet, and energy-efficient alternative to traditional systems in commercial buildings. The water based systems are embedded in the building's structure, which leaves you with visually clean surfaces, with no obtrusive and disturbing appliances, and flexible interior design. In this way, ceilings, floors, or walls serve as large radiant heating and cooling surfaces, ensuring maximal comfort and using minimal energy. These systems minimise air circulation, there are no draught and dust problems. In combination with good ventilation for fresh air, radiant systems ensure a healthy and productive indoor environment.

Uponor offers a riser system that provides complete solution for large scale hygienic safe tap water installations and can be used as well for the supply and return pipelines for radiant heating systems. All system components are available for an entire plumbing installation from the boiler to the tap.

The annual operation and maintenance costs are lowered with fewer mechanical parts in the system and less total energy use, and careful engineering and design can reduce the investment costs as well.

    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Our systems are the best choice for highest construction efficiency and comfort
      • Our systems are completed by jointing techniques for all your needs
      • Everything available from risers up to the connection to the least tap
      • Our systems are easy to install and set highest hygienic standards

        With Uponor you have complete systems which include everything you may need to fulfil highest standards and requirements.

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    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Our sustainable technology is easy to integrate into your building
      • Our systems for heating and cooling help reduce life cycle costs
      • Our systems come with a 10 year warranty
      • Our systems help you achieve optimal thermal comfort and create a pleasant working environment

      With our solutions we create a comfortable environment in commercial structures. Comfortable employees are more productive and comfortable customers are more relaxed, contributing to the success of your business.

    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • We offer complete systems for heating and plumbing from one supplier
      • Our systems can be used with renewable energy and free cooling sources
      • Our systems help reduced long-term life cycle costs
      • Our systems help the building achieve green building certification like LEED, BREEAM or DGNB

        Low energy use is achieved by a mean operating water temperature (18-28°C) that is close to the ambient environment. This increases the efficiency of heat sources such as heat pumps and enables the use of renewable energy and free cooling sources. Uponor is your partner from A to Z for all these solutions.

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Office building

Office building Ericusspitze Spiegelhaus, Hamburg, Germany

The new company headquarter of the Spiegel media group is located at the Ericusspitze in Hamburg, Germany. The basic heating and cooling of the new Spiegel Group building is realised with the Uponor Contec system which activates the thermal concrete mass of the building. With the overall concept, the annual primary energy demand of the building is below 100 Kilowatt hours per m². The state-of-the-art system was finalised by utilising the Uponor Quick & Easy system components for the 3,000 metres of connecting pipes.

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