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Complete underfloor heating and tap water systems for reliable and safe installation

Uponor offers sustainable and hygienic plumbing installations as well as water based underfloor heating and cooling for both new buildings and renovation.

Modern single family homes need to be equipped with high quality and reliable tap water connection systems that meet the highest hygienic standards. We provide you with innovative technology, top-quality and easy-to-install systems – allowing to finalise projects earlier and save on working time and costs for installers and end users.

Uponor indoor climate systems mean invisible comfort but maximum well-being. A water based underfloor heating system and cooling system is the stand-out choice for single family homes. It provides excellent thermal comfort, alongside energy efficiency and optimal conditions for renewable energy sources such as heat pumps.

With Uponor you have a complete state-of-the art system in hand for reliable and sustainable installation.
    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Our experts are there to support you in planning and execution with own calculation software
      • We offer a full range of heating systems and cooling elements which match
      • Our complete systems for reliable tap water installation fulfil highest hygienic standards
      • We offer the highest quality and comfort for satisfied customers

        With Uponor you have complete systems which include everything you may need to fulfil highest standards and requirements.
    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Our plumbing systems are hygienic and safe to use- Our systems provide you with clean water for the health of your family
      • Our systems are energy efficient enabling you to reduce your energy bill in the coming years and make your family happy

        Water is the basis for our daily well-being. Whenever you open your tap, clean water should come out of it. We from Uponor provide solutions that fulfil those requirements. Also our underfloor heating and radiant cooling systems use water with low supply temperatures to reach a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.
    • Benefits of choosing Uponor:

      • Our systems help you achieve the highest construction efficiency and satisfied house owners
      • Our systems are completed by jointing techniques for all your needs
      • Easy, quick and reliable installations save money
      • Our systems are easy to install still matching the highest hygienic standards

        With Uponor you have complete systems which include everything you may need to fulfil highest standards and requirements.

Albavilla Italy

A new model for building and living, Albavilla, Italy

On the hills between Como and Lecco, the village of Albaville is located. Surrounded by this beautiful scenery, the Tramarin company built terraced town houses. The main focus was on building houses which reach the highest energy-efficiency classes (A and B) according to the Italian regulation. For one thing, the houses were aligned with the sun, to make the best out of the solar energy. Particular attention was also given to the insulation of walls and quality of shutters, so that dispersions would be limited to a minimum. Each home was also equipped with a condensation boiler, solar heating, and Uponor’s low temperature underfloor heating.

Read how energy-efficiency and comfortable living could be brought together: