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Experience to build on

Uponor’s products represent quality, reliability and professional design. They are typically used in applications with long lifetime requirements; often they are inside structures beyond direct reach.

Over a long period of time, Uponor has accumulated unique experience and knowhow in the development, production and use of plastic piping systems for plumbing, heating and infrastructure applications. Understanding customer needs and having the experience and in-depth knowhow on product design, on what materials to use, how to manufacture them, and how to install, operate and service them gives Uponor a solid platform to develop new innovations that give customers peace of mind.

We believe in sustainable building to preserve resources for future generations. Our aim is to create innovative systems that use less energy, conserve water, reduce waste, preserve structures, and even save lives. Our processes are developed to guarantee security, durability, low energy use and the least possible burden to the environment.

Uponor sets the highest standards for the manufacture, installation and use of our plumbing, heating and infrastructure solutions. But we cannot do it all alone, and that is why we partner with other construction industry professionals.