Save cash with intelligent heating controls

Modern heating controls from Uponor provide effective, individual control for temperatures throughout the house. You can simply programme the control unit to reflect your lifestyle, making sure that you only use the energy that you need. In the evening, when you get home from work, you will be greeted by a warm and cosy living room without having heated an empty apartment for the entire day. In addition, you can also use the same control unit to reduce the temperature in the hall and bedrooms by a couple of degrees, saving yourself money. Get expert advice: using modern home automation systems from Uponor opens up a host of possibilities.
The efficient use of heating controls is good news for the environment
In the era of climate change, it is up to us to save energy and develop intelligent heating solutions. Quality products from Uponor enable you to heat your rooms in both an economical and ecologically sound way: For example, efficient underfloor heating can be combined with thermal pumps, while an automatic heating controller regulates energy consumption precisely. This gives you easy access to pleasant room temperatures and cosy warmth, while still remembering your environmental responsibilities. Talk things over with Uponor's specialists - after all, they can combine decades of practical experience with the latest scientific findings. You'll be surprised to know just how much energy and money you can save with intelligent heating controls.