Plastic pipes – the practical connection solution

Uponor is a leader in developing innovative PEX pipe solutions. This is your opportunity to take advantage of this unusual combination of properties by installing reliable heating and drinking water systems. This technology looks set to conquer the market, not least because of its ease of installation and maintenance. The internal and external robustness of these pipes guarantee the permanent supply of precious clean water to where it is needed. Smooth pipe surfaces means that there is almost no frictional loss and deposits are kept to a minimum. You will particularly appreciate the convenient installation, consistent stability and easy anchoring when laying underfloor heating. However, it is vitally important that you pay attention to the linear expansion of the material as it warms up. This will enable you to enjoy problem-free heating for many years to come. 
PEX pipe are the perfect answer for reliable installation
Naturally, our long-life pipes are also suitable for use with drinking water supplies. Because there is no risk of corrosion damage or deposits in the pipes, the drinking water will reach the tap in pristine condition. Last but not least, the avoidance of hazardous materials in production and the product's excellent recycling properties are good news for the environment, while attractive pricing and easy maintenance are also good for your bank balance. A decision in favour of PEX pipe from Uponor is the best possible choice for go-ahead installations that will afford benefits for many years to come.