Stable and flexible plastic pipe fittings

The use of plastic pipe fittings in installations means that the troublesome task of bending pipes is now a thing of the past. This means that installations can be carried out faster and more precisely, leading to an enormous gain in terms of safety. The pipes to be installed now only need to be cut to the right length and have the right fittings attached as required. These standardised installation accessories are produced from metal or plastic, for example, PEX, and can be ideally adjusted to the layout of the pipeline. They can be tailored to various external conditions and a number of obstacles usually need to be negotiated during installation. Junction points need to be considered and incorporated for assembly and maintenance purposes, ennsuring that any repairs that may prove necessary in the future do not pose a problem. It is also an easy matter to create branch lines and change diameters.
Robust plastic pipe fittings ensure optimum pipe connections

Another possibility for plastic pipe fittings is the Quick and Easy technology. The outstanding material characteristics of Uponor PEX pipes also have a major bearing on the connection techniques used. The simple but ingenious system lets you produce pressure sealed, durable joints in just 25 seconds. The innovation makes use of the shrinking back effect, which works only with crosslinked PEX pipes. This provides a long-term seal between the PEX pipes and the plastic pipe fittings which are available as pure metal or plastic fittings including male and female thread for every use.