Insulated pipes for outdoor use

Uponor's versatile product solutions also include pre insulated pipe that can be used outdoors. To prevent the water flowing through the pipes from freezing and to protect the pipes from ground frost, you will need efficient insulation right from the start. Ice in the pipe will not only block continuous flow, but can also cause unnecessary damage to pipes and systems. As a pipe specialist with years of experience under its belt in the areas of pipe production and heating/refrigeration installations, Uponor can offer you complete solutions for a wide variety of requirements. When choosing pipes, trust in the quality and expertise of one of the leading names in distribution and installation technology. 

Pre insulated pipe from Uponor will also protect against condensation
Uponor expects a lot of itself in terms of its pipes, as well as the services it offers. That's why we only offer you top quality, flexible solutions. Even when used indoors, pipes need to be properly insulated in order to avoid unwanted condensate. Although Uponor's plastic pipes are less susceptible to condensate than metal pipes, our pipes have sufficient insulation to deal with temperature differences in the surrounding area. Choose pre insulated pipe from the world's leading provider of plastic pipe systems. After all, you can rely on Uponor pipes to create robust networks that will have a long service life.