Water underfloor heating: gentle, energy-saving heat throughout the house

Water underfloor heating from Uponor evenly distributes cosy heat throughout the room, creating a healthy climate. Because it operates at lower temperatures than conventional heating systems, this heating solution saves up to 12 per cent on energy costs. Underfloor heating can be combined with central heating or connected to an environmentally friendly thermal pump. Modern control systems are particularly helpful when it comes to saving energy: you can combine the radiant heating system with our intelligent controllers to adjust the temperature of each room according to its use. There is no need to regulate each room separately by hand, leaving you free to concentrate on the more important things in life.

Water underfloor heating: bringing top-class comfort to the home with Uponor
Uponor is one of the world's leading providers of heating and cooling systems. We can offer you top-class quality and solutions based on the latest technological advances. Our many years of experience also enable us to offer you professional service with expert advice from the planning to the implementation of your heating/cooling project. Our experts often recommend radiant temperature control systems because these can be used all year round, switching to cooling mode in the summer simply by using cold water in the floor pipes in place of hot water. This draws heat from the air and creates a pleasant cooling effect. Kill two birds with one stone by choosing water underfloor heating from Uponor.