Dostava pitke vodde


Drinking water delivery

Drinking water is life

Everyone needs water: Plants, animals and of course people too. The average person in a private household consumes about 250 litres of fresh water per day. This is why a hygienic drinking water delivery is crucial for our health and our quality of life. The supply infrastructure is often in a poor condition and needs to be updated. Uponor offers safe and reliable solutions for ensuring a hygienically flawless supply in a building.

Drinking water systems and drinking water hygiene

Hygienically clean drinking water delivery is particularly important in residential building as well as for commercial and public buildings, such as hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and sports facilities. Builders, landlords and operators are responsible for drinking water hygiene and for ensuring that their drinking water deliverys meet legal requirements. These are regulated e.g. in Germany in the guideline VDI/DVGW 6023 "Hygiene in drinking water deliveries".

Requirements for planning, execution, operation and maintenance". The most important points are:

● Low water content
● Stagnation-free operation
● Regular exchange of water in the drinking water system

Single family homes

Uponor composite pipe in hygienic series installation.

Watch the video to see why Uponor recommends the so-called "loop installation". It is the safest type of installation (compared to T-installation or series installation) in order to meet hygienic requirements.