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Modern solutions for local heat distribution

Modern solutions for local heat distribution need to meet the strictest requirements with regard to safety, reliability, robustness, and efficiency. Uponor offers pre-insulated pipes for heating as well as cooling networks. These can be used for various applications, including secondary district heating networks, residential house connections, bio energy, bio gas plants and district cooling networks. The network installation can be handled quickly and efficiently even in the most difficult conditions on site.

Uponor Pre-insulated pipes are proven as reliable, innovative, flexible and cost efficient for transport of a variety of liquids both inside and outside of buildings. The system also comprises a complete range of products for tap water supply. Its material properties give long service life and as the pipes are low-weight and highly flexible, they can be installed easily and quickly, even over obstacles and round corners.

Heat distribution benefits

The ultimate pre-insulated pipes

  • Solutions for heating, cooling and tap water supply
  • Safe, reliable and robust solutions
  • Excellent pipe flexibility enables a fast and easy installation
  • No special tools are required
  • Up to 200 m connection-free installation in one length
  • Incrustation-free medium pipe ensures 50 years service time

Choose your product line for pre-insulated pipes

Heat distribution network
Cooling distribution network
Warm tap water service
Cold water service
heatdistr quattro acc

Uponor Thermo and Quattro pipes are ideal solution for the distribution of heating water in local heat supply networks or as tie-ins to building complexes and individual housing.


Heat distribution network
cooling thermo acc

Uponor Supra is the preferred solution for cooling water networks. The alternative solution for the distribution of heating and cooling water in local networks is Uponor Thermo.


Cooling distribution network
warm aqua acc

Uponor Aqua, your flexible specialist for warm potable water. Simply unbeatable for quick, safe and cost-efficient installations in the warm water supply sector.


Warm tap water service
cold supra acc

Uponor Supra is the ultimate for cold potable water. The optional frost protection cable ensures frost-proof transport of potable water even at the lowest of ambient temperatures.


Cold water service