Warm tap water service

  • Warm tap water service
  • Pre insulated pipes trench

The flexible pre-insulated pipe for warm water transportation

The Uponor Pre-insulated pipes are secure choices for any location for conveying domestic hot water from one building to the next. Their layered construction and corrugated casing makes the pipe elements flexible. The flexible pipes are easily installed along the ground. Obstacles and retained objects can easily be avoided. Thick, closed-cell insulation layer keeps heat loss minimal and enables low trenches. Heat is transferred from one building to the next and is not lost in the ground. This makes the solution environmentally friendly. The corrugated casing withstands soil pressure well and protects the pipe element from external sources of stress. In green areas, a minimum of 40 cm depth is required. There is no need for extensive earthworks.

An alternative solution for warm tap water service is our four-pipe Uponor Quattro, which is conveying heating water and domestic hot water. Two flow pipes are intended for domestic hot water and the other two for heating use.

Warm tap water service for teaser

Warm tap water service in a nutshell

  • Reliable transportation of tap water, warm of more than 25 years of experience
  • Flexible material due to cross-linked foam and corrugated pipe structure
  • Services covering all phases form planning to trainings on building site
  • Reduction of total project costs
    • For local networks to transfer domestic hot water

      • Uponor Aqua can be dimensioned for a continuous temperature of 70 °C and 50 years life time
      • Pressure class 10 bar
      • Available in dimensions 25-110 mm
      • Uponor Aqua Single with optional heating cable
      • Uponor Aqua Twin includes an integrated circulation line
      Uponor Aqua Single   Uponor Aqua Twin
      Uponor Aqua Single   Uponor Aqua Twin
    • For local networks transporting hot tap water and heating in one pipe

      • One for all solution – two flow pipes for heating and two for tap water with circulation pipe
      • Can be used between the boiler house and various buildings
      • Usage for small apartment buildings or terraced houses
      • Mutually connected single family homes using a single local boiler plant
      • Most economical and convenient way of installation
      Uponor Quattro  
      Uponor Quattro