Ceiling heating and cooling is the invisible heating system

  • Ceiling cooling heating

Solutions for the installation directly below the ceiling

Especially in buildings with mainly cooling requirements, it makes sense that cooling and heating surfaces will be installed in the ceiling and not in the floor. Uponor provides different solutions depending on the project and the cooling and heating requirements of the building. This provides higher comfort and efficiency than conventional air-conditioning.

Uponor offers ceiling panels for both heating and cooling purposes. This kind of installation is invisible. The system is silent, and can easily be installed in new buildings or renovations.

Uponor Comfort panel can be easily installed, as well as it is highly efficient and cost effective. The thermally active ceiling panels are easily mounted into the existing metal frame construction and can be quickly connected via push fittings.

Another alternative is the gypsum panel for wet installations. The pipes with low height will be installed directly on clamp tracks and covered with plaster.

Choose your product line:

  • Gypsum Panel
  • Uponor Gypsum panel
  • Insulated, fire resistant gypsum boards with integrated pipes

  • Comfort Panel HL
  • Uponor Comfort panel
  • Suspended ceiliing installation for heating and cooling.

  • Renovis
  • Uponor Renovis for ceiling
  • Fast installation below the ceiling for heating and cooling