Underfloor heating is the invisible heating system

  • Underfloor heating

Solutions for any kind of underfloor heating installation

Uponor provides solutions for water based underfloor heating for new buildings or when renovating an existing one. Underfloor heating systems are healthy. The invisible installation erases the need for cleaning behind radiators and visible pipes. Hardly raising any dust, it is the perfect heating system for people suffering from allergies. The gentle radiant heat provided by Uponor Radiant heating system acts directly on the body without the intermediate stage of first warming the room air. The result: the same comfort level, but with a 2 °C lower room temperature. And this is beneficial to your health, because warm feet and cool head is exactly what the human body requires.

For floor heating every square meter of your home can be utilised for warming up the room and provides a healthy indoor environment. It is possible to use different heat sources, but will be most effective with renewable energy sources. Using an underfloor heating system allows saving up to 12% on energy and operational costs when compared to conventional heating systems.

An integral part of the underfloor heating is the integrated control system to provide highest comfort level. The individual wireless room control with Auto Balance Technology (ABT) and its patented technology unique to Uponor is the latest innovation for underfloor heating and cooling. It is a new way of intelligent controlling individual room temperature by using modern technology, and to reduce energy consumption at the same time. Since all underfloor heating and cooling solutions run on a low supply temperature the energy consumption on these kind of systems already are lower than most other solutions.

Choose your product line out of different floor installation types:

  • Minitec
  • Uponor Minitec
  • Short heating up time
    Fast reaction
    Low installation height of ca. 1 cm
  • Self attaching
  • Uponor Self attaching
  • Fast mounting
    Installation without tools
    Covered by wet screed
  • Tacker
  • Uponor Tacker
  • Strong staple nails fix the pipes to the foil
    For MLCP or PEX pipes
  • Classic
  • Uponor Classic
  • Very flexible and for high load capacity
    Usable with additional insulation
  • Siccus dry installation
  • Uponor Siccus
  • Lightweight construction
    Ideal for renovation
    Quick finishing
  • Industrial floor heating
  • Industrial floor heating
  • Equal temperature profile
    Low air speed
    Optimal usage of the hall design
  • Snow and ice melting
  • Snow and ice melting
  • Uses waste heat (e.g. from industrial production) and thus sustainable
  • Sports floor
  • Sports floor heating
  • Special solulution for sport floors
    Versatile usage
  • Lawn heating
  • Lawn heating
  • Economical and efficent system
    Allows full year usage of outdoor sport areas