Heating and cooling in offices and commercial buildings

  • TABS

Thermally Activate Building System for cost and energy efficiency

When planning an office or commercial building, you must include ventilation, air-condition and heating. Each one is a considerable task and investment in itself. Now think again: why not integrate indoor climate in the construction from the beginning?

Uponor TAB System operates with pipes embedded in the structural concrete slabs. This way, ceilings, floors and walls contribute primarily to the sensible cooling, secondarily to the base heating of the building. The embedded pipes activate the concrete core in the building mass for storage and discharge of thermal loads.

While the Uponor TAB System is no air-condition, and does not substitute any ventilation system, the task of conventional technologies is reduced to a minimum. This helps assuring the best indoor environment possible in an invisible, inaudible way without draught. That’s innovative to the core!

Choose your product line:

  • Contec ON
  • Contec ON
  • Contec ON and Contec TS for oncrete activation close to the surface