Wall heating is the invisible heating alternative

  • Wall heating

Getting comfort from the wall

Uponor Wall heating is a low temperature system for residential and non-residential buildings. The system will be installed in the wall structure, depending on lightweight construction or with brick walls directly in the plaster layer. The installation can be supported by any water heating system.

Whether it is a lightweight dry wall, or wet plaster system, wall heating and cooling ensure a comfortable climate at home and in offices. Especially for renovation purposes, where whole walls are rebuilt, the system also offers some advantages. For example in bathrooms, when the floor surface will not be sufficient to give a certain heat load to the room, a wall heating system can be a good combination with underfloor heating.

The fact that radiant heating works on low temperature, makes it efficient together with heat pumps. Uponor Wall heating and cooling gives comfortable cooling in the summer, and heating in the winter. The system is also flexible enough to meet the demands of the rapid temperature changes in spring and autumn.

Lightweight construction
The lightweight Uponor Siccus SW can be used for single - and double stud walls. It can be used when short construction times are needed or whenever a lightweight installation will be used for residential or non-residential buildings. With this kind of installation, many fire resistance classes can be fulfilled.

Wet installation
In new buildings as well as in renovation, the Uponor Wet installation system can be utilized. Uponor Minitec is a remarkably thin kind of installation, which gives an advantage where thickness is an issue.

The wet wall heating and cooling system using Uponor Minitec offers double advantages: cooling in summer and heating in winter. It is also flexible enough for adjusting the rapid temperature changes in spring and autumn times.

Choose your product line:

  • Siccus wall installation
  • Uponor Siccus for walls
  • Lightweight design and easy to handle for one man installation.
  • Wet installation Minitec
  • Uponor Minitec for walls
  • A univeral system for wet wall and ceiling installations.