Versatile solutions for radiator system installations

  • Radiator connection I
  • Radiator connection II
  • Radiator connection quick and easy

The quick and economical installation of heating systems

With our complete portfolio of radiator connections components, Uponor provides all that is needed for a secure and fast installation. Whether you are planning to equip a new house or renovate an existing one, it is the versatility of the Uponor system that makes it the best choice for your plans.

Our comprehensive range offers the right solution for connecting the heat source to all types of radiator. We provide a full portfolio of system components for all needed radiator connections on the market, be it traditional branch system installation with thermostatic radiator valves (TRV control) or a manifold system for enhanced distribution and zonal control.
Extensive pipe and connectivity components and a proven range of accessories provide visually appealing and professional installations - in family homes as well as in large buildings.

Uponor has two ways of connecting radiators, either of which saves on installation time. No matter whether you choose MLCP or PEX-a, Uponor will supply you with a complete system, which can be easily combined with all commercially available radiators.

Radiator connection teaser I

Reliable connections to all kinds of radiators

  • Variety of components for different installation options
  • Easy planning, low pressure loss
  • Pressure drop specifications and dimensioning easily done

Choose your system for radiator connection

Press system for complete, secure installation
Q&E system for a simple, watertight installation
RTM system: the innovative and unique Tool inside concept
Press system with fitting

Our innovative press fitting and multilayer composite pipe system unites all the advantages of metal and plastic piping systems - but with none of the disadvantages.


Press system
Quick and easy  rings and fittings teaser

Q&E is a unique and innovative expansion jointing system from Uponor that guarantees a secure, watertight connection with minimal pressure loss, by making use of the thermal memory and shrink-back effect of Uponor PEX-a pipes.


Quick and easy system
RTM fittings and tool

Featuring the joint indicator and with no tool dependence, RTM Technology works perfectly with Uponor MLCP pipes to enable you to make a professional, reliable and quick installation.


RTM system