The composite pipe system with press and compression fittings

  • Uponor multi layer installation unpressed
  • MLC Press fittings
  • Press system with jaw

Radiator connection with the MLC system

Uponor’s Multilayer Composite pipe (MLCP) unites the best material properties of both plastics and metal. Combined with our smart connection system and its assembly friendliness, the MLCP system is an excellent investment in the future. The result is a pipe which is absolutely oxygen diffusion tight, corrosion resistant and has a heat expansion similar to metal pipes and provides form-stability for easy and safe installation in radiator connection.
Available in coils or straight lengths, our systems are designed to meet the strictest requirements for safety, comfort, and ease of installation. In other words, we deliver complete systems that work reliably. Whether you are planning to equip a new house or renovate an existing one, it is the versatility of the Uponor MLCP system that makes it 100% suitable for your plans.
The Uponor MLCP system is a true world-class plumbing system. Just right when top quality installation is in demand! Pipes and fittings are made for each other – for a smooth process and a perfect result! Uponor MLCP saves time and trouble on-site, while paying off in the short term.
We supply press and compression fittings and accessories for different varieties of radiator connections. Whatever radiator you will use we have a solution for the connection. The exceptional lifetime behaviour has been tested and confirmed by certification bodies all over Europe.

Uponor offers a wide range of compression fittings and adaptors to complete your installation for radiator connection, be it for new buildings or for renovation.
Our wide range of compression fittings allows for connection and adaption to other systems for ultimate flexibility and optimal system design.

Fittings and pressing jaws

Why is the press system ideal for radiator connection?

• Compression fittings – no special tools required
• Flexible system design
• Lightweight and form stable
• 100% oxygen barrier and low expansion rates
• Full European approvals


Radiator connection

Tips and tricks for the installation

  • Unique colour coding of fittings and pressing jaws for easy dimension matching
  • Eye-catching pressing indicators for reliable connection
  • Press Fittings and compression fittings with reliable test safety
  • Compression connection adjustable until final tightening

More products for radiator connection

  • MLC pipe
  • MLC pipes
  • The Uponor composite pipe for usage in radiator connection from dimension 14 – 32 mm.

  • Composite fitting
  • MLC press fittings
  • Available as PPSU fittings and brass fittings, all brass fittings with colour coding for easier pressing.

  • Compression fitting
  • Compression fittings
  • All needed connection fittings for a reliable radiator connection.

  • Pressing tool teaser
  • Tools
  • Pressing tools also with colour coding of pressing jaws from dimension 14 to 50 mm.

  • Pressing fitting
  • Accessories
  • Include pressing jaws, cutting and bending tools and accessories for radiator connection.