Q&E Evolution: The thermal memory system that never forgets to stay secure

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Radiator connection with PE-Xa pipes and Q&E fittings

Uponor understands the needs of professional installers. We recognize that you need the right products to do a secure, durable and cost effective job. That’s why, since the first Uponor PEX-a plumbing installations over 40 years ago, we have developed and continually refined the Q&E product line. During this time, over
3.5 billion metres have been installed - but we never stand still, always working to continuously improve the product line. The result is Q&E Evolution - a system that continually evolves with the demands and standards of a constantly evolving market.
Uponor Q&E Evolution is built on a complete range of system components that create a flexible plumbing solution for every residential or commercial radiator system installation.
The wide range of Q&E manifolds and fittings available allow you to design the perfect radiator heating system installation for optimum efficiency of material use and system performance.
Fast and simple to install, it can take just a few seconds to make a watertight connection. It’s simple, ingenious and cost effective. Just follow these basic steps after cutting the Uponor pipe:

• Introduce the Uponor expansion ring
• Expand with the Uponor tool
• Make the union

Uponor offers also a wide range of tools and accessories to help make your installation safe and trouble-free. As well as our advanced pressing tools and unique new M12 and M18 expander tools, we offer a wide assortment of springs, cutters and bending tools for all your installation needs.

Q&E is the ideal system for a flexible, secure heating system installation, guaranteeing a secure, watertight system with minimal pressure loss.

Quick and Easy teaser

Why is the Quick and Easy system ideal for radiator connection?

  • Guarantee a secure, watertight joint
  • The binding is so secure that it improves over time, as the pipe and the ring are in constant adaptation and tightening to the fitting
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimal loss of pressure
  • Wide range of Manifolds, fittings and accessories help optimise system design
Radiator connection quick and easy 1

Tips and tricks for the installation

  • After bending or expanding the pipe returns to its original state
  • Creating a water tight seal between the pipe and the fitting
  • Q&E Expansion Tool: The best expansion tools in the trade to make the best fitting plumbing system
  • Free from torches, solvents, glue and lead
  • Q&E Manifolds and Modular Accessories: Help you optimize the system design, saving time and money
  • Uponor Q&E Rings: Help to ensure a fast, secure joint

More products for radiator connection

  • Quick and Easy coupling
  • PEX pipes
  • The Uponor evalPE-Xa pipes for usage in radiator connection using the thermal memory effect.

  • PPSU fittings
  • Quick and Easy fittings
  • The fittings together with the PE-Xa pipes provide you with a full plastic solution.

  • Milwaukee M12 M18
  • Tools
  • The expansion tools of the new generation reduce time and allow easy and fast installation.

  • PPSU modular manifold
  • Accessories
  • The wide range of accessories to install everything out of one hand.