The unique and innovative Uponor Riser system

  • Risers fitting
  • Riser installation below ceiling
  • Riser system with pipe and fittings
  • Riser system with quick and easy
  • Riser connector quick and easy to press

The effective way for installation of risers

Plumbing systems are the arteries of a building. They supply every nook and cranny with as much or as little warm or cold water as required. People depend on these systems – they are the beating heart that keeps entire buildings functioning seamlessly.
With the Uponor modular Riser System the installation is no longer a complex task.
The innovative Uponor modular Riser System (available for MLC and PE-Xa) reduces both your planning and construction work, because there are fewer building components to store, process and plan for. It is also quicker and easier to connect pipes.

Uponor modular Riser System fitting range is fast becoming the system of choice on many world-class projects. This unique system uses just 40 parts to achieve more than 300 fitting combinations, up to 110mm, and features a distinctive mechanism which removes the need for using tools overhead.

In completed buildings, water pipes are concealed in the walls and ceilings. They often don´t follow the most direct routes but are adapted to the architecture or circumvent other pipes or cables. The Uponor modular Riser System is the perfect solution for such situations – and also fulfills the essential requirements for a quality plumbing system. Its modular approach combined with proven technology makes it perfect for all conceivable tasks in dimensions up to 110 mm – with 40 components only!

With the Uponor modular Riser System you will get new possibilities for everything from planning to installation.

Riser fitting and pressing chain

The modular riser system at a glance

• A system with benefits long before installation
• Simpler, quicker and more cost-efficient
• Fewer elements for all requirements
• 26 components are sufficient for an entire system
• No overhead pressings, uses existing tools

Your installation options for risers

Modular riser system for a fast and secure installation
Press system for complete and secure installation
Q&E system for a simple and watertight installation
Riser system teaser

The Uponor modular riser system features a unique modular design which makes design, planning, installation and stock management incredibly efficient and effective.
This innovative system needs just 26 components to cover more than 300 fitting combinations.


Modular Press System
Press system teaser

Our innovative press fitting and multilayer composite pipe system unites all the advantages of metal and plastic piping systems - but with none of the disadvantages. Color code and test safety makes the installation most efficient.

Press system
Quick and easy teaser

Q&E is a unique and innovative expansion jointing system from Uponor that guarantees a secure, watertight connection with minimal pressure loss, by making use of the thermal memory and shrink-back effect of Uponor PEX-a pipes.


Quick and Easy system