Modular Press System

  • Risers connection
  • Riser distribution

Your work made quicker, simpler and more flexible

Connect in just 5 steps:

It’s really easy to work with the Uponor MLCP Riser System. Its modular design means you always follow the same five steps to connect pipes, and the only heavy tools you need are for pressing, which can be carried out at the workbench rather than overhead or in difficult to reach places.

Riser step 1

Step 1

Simply insert the bevelled MLC pipe into the Uponor riser system press adapter.


Riser step 2

Step 2

Press the connection with Uponor pressing tool.
Riser step 3

Step 3

Insert press adapter into the base part.


Riser step 4

Step 4

Push the lock pin into the opening of the fitting body.


Riser step 5

Step 5

Click the end of the lock pin completely into the fitting body.


The modular riser system

Riser system teaser

Convince yourself on the easiness of the installation of the Modular Riser System and what experiences other customers have made with it.