Lifetime peace of mind for every tap water system

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The perfect tap water connection for every home

As one of the ultimate sources of life, the safe supply and delivery of fresh potable water is a cornerstone in building or renovating your home. As the well-established market leader in developing innovative and reliable tap-water systems, Uponor have decades of experience in supplying complete systems for delivering clean water from the mains to the tap – systems that are safe, reliable and easy to install.

Flexible and long-lasting pipes

Pipework is the packaging material for this most valuable commodity – drinking water. Uponor undertake to only use the most advanced materials for our pipes, whether it is PEX-a or multilayer composite pipe. All Uponor pipework is designed for corrosion resistance and is made to exacting standards to withstand the long-term effects of high temperature and pressure exposure in a tap-water installation.

Reliable fittings for safe & secure installation

The key to any successful water-system installation is with the connections. The innovative Uponor range of fittings provides you with durable connections and has a proven track record to protect you against any unpleasant surprises.
Our systems are designed to meet the strictest requirements for safety, comfort and ease of installation. Benefit from an efficient and convenient installation with a clean, reliable Uponor tap water connection system that meets all hygienic requirements.

Tapwater system

Easy and reliable plumbing installations

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Safe and secure jointing systems
  • Adaptable and flexible for easy installation
  • Choice of pipes and jointing systems to suit all applications
  • Retains heat in hot-water lines
  • Preserves drinking water fresh tasting and odorless

Choose your system for tap water connection

Press system for complete, secure installation
Q&E system for a simple, watertight installation
RTM system: the innovative and unique Tool inside concept
Seamless SACP is the latest generation of MLCP technology
Press system with fitting

Our innovative press fitting and multilayer composite pipe system unites all the advantages of metal and plastic piping systems - but with none of the disadvantages.


Press system
Quick and easy  rings and fittings teaser

Q&E is a unique and innovative expansion jointing system from Uponor that guarantees a secure, watertight connection with minimal pressure loss, by making use of the thermal memory and shrink-back effect of Uponor PEX-a pipes.


Quick and Easy system
RTM fittings and tool

Featuring the joint indicator and with no tool dependence, RTM Technology works perfectly with Uponor MLCP pipes to enable you to make a professional, reliable and quick installation.


RTM System

The next generation of multilayer composite technology is Uponor Seamless Composite pipe - made with a unique single continuous extrusion process, developed by Uponor, that gives unbeaten flexibility and bendability for the ultimate installation experience.


Seamless SACP