The composite pipe system with press fittings

  • Uponor multi layer installation unpressed
  • MLC Press fittings
  • Press system with jaw

Tap water connection with the MLC press system

With our five layer composite pipe, we have developed an advanced product that unites the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe and eliminates the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. This offers product advantages that are second to none. The aluminium core prevents oxygen ingress, reduces heat-expansion and gives form-stability for easy and safe installation. For potable water connection the Uponor MLCP press system is the perfect solution to meet nearly all requirements. The complete range of products allows for the entire installation from the riser to the tap, in a simple and economic manner.

The composite pipe from the pioneering specialist
The Uponor multilayer composite pipe consists of a longitudinally soldered aluminium pipe with an inner and outer layer of high temperature-resistant polyethylene according to German DIN 16833. All layers are permanently bonded together by intermediate adhesive layers. A special welding technique ensures high reliability. The result is a pipe which is absolutely oxygen diffusion tight, corrosion resistant and has a heat expansion similar to metal pipes and thus fulfils all hygienic safety requirements needed for safe tap water installation. The excellent long-run behaviour has been tested and confirmed by certification bodies all over Europe.

The press fitting system with many extra features for higher security
Uponor shows its strength in the development and manufacturing of a fitting concept precisely coordinated to the pipe being used. Connections can be made within seconds with the patented Uponor press system and produces permanent watertight press, clamp and compression connections. Complicated connections such as welding or soldering are not necessary.
Press system

Why is the press system ideal for tap water connection?

  • Lightweight, flexible and form stable
  • Available in 16mm up to 110mm
  • Fittings in PPSU and brass
  • Slim and appealing on wall installation
  • Fast, flame-free installation – at least 50% labour saving
  • 100% oxygen barrier and low expansion rates
  • No wastage and fewer fittings required
  • Full European approvals

More products for the press system

  • MLC pipe
  • MLC pipes
  • The Uponor composite pipe for usage in tap water connection from 16 to 110 mm.

  • Composite fitting
  • MLC press fittings
  • Available as PPSU fittings and brass fittings, all brass fittings with colour coding for easier pressing.

  • Pressing tool teaser
  • Tools
  • Pressing tools also with colour coding of pressing jaws from dimension 16 to 110 mm.

  • Pressing fitting
  • Accessories
  • Include pressing jaws, cutting and bending tools and accessories for radiator and tap water connection.