The Quick & Easy system

  • Quick and Easy evolution 1
  • Quick and Easy evolution 2
  • Quick and easy rings and fittings

Tap water connection with the Quick & Easy system

The unique and innovative fitting system from Uponor that makes use of the shrink-back effect for a quick and easy installation, which only works together with cross-linked PE-Xa pipes produced by Uponor. Quick & Easy has evolved over time, bringing you a system that is complete, flexible and secure – making it easy to install, cost-effective, safe and adaptable. Uponor offers a wide range of tools and accessories to help make your installation safe and trouble-free. As well as our unique new M12 and M18 expander tools, we offer a wide assortment of springs, cutters and bending tools for all your installation needs.

Quick and Easy teaser

Why is the Quick and Easy system ideal for tap water connection?

  • Complete system of fittings in PPSU and Brass
  • PEX pipe available in 16mm up to 110mm
  • Possibility of full plastic system
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Unique expansion jointing system
  • Secure watertight system
  • Minimal loss of pressure
  • Fitting gets even tighter over time
  • Wide range of Manifolds, fittings and accessories help optimise system design

More products for the Quick & Easy system

  • Quick and Easy coupling
  • PEX pipes
  • The Uponor PE-Xa pipes for usage in tap water connection using the thermal memory effect.

  • PPSU fittings
  • Quick & Easy fittings
  • The PPSU fittings together with the PE-Xa pipes provide you with a full plastic solution.

  • Milwaukee M12 M18
  • Tools
  • The expansion tools of the new generation reduce time and allow easy and fast installation.

  • PPSU modular manifold
  • Accessories
  • The wide range of accessories to install everything out of one hand.